Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Greetings and a new librarian

Hello and welcome to the brand new and shiny Longbeard Painting and Modelling Blog!
Here I will be posting blogs as regularly as I can to keep you up to date on my current projects. There will be a mix of things I do for ongoing projects, models I paint because they are new, shiny or awesome and the odd model painted for someone else.

In this, the first ever post, I thought I would share a model I have been working on recently. It not quite done yet, but is well on the way to being a nice gaming piece.

This is Librarian Reas Imarion, Guardian of the Hall of Fire and First Seer of the Sacred Flame. Reas is the head Librarian in my spacemarine chapter, The Keepers of the Flame (more on them later).

As you can see he is a long way from done. The face has only just been started, his robes need neatening up and his book is empty. Not to mention his staff needing a good few more layers and the base needing, well, everything!

I am however; I am very pleased with the way he is going. There are several things i like about him. The first is the great model. This is by far one of my favourite GW models at the moment. I love the small but simple movement of it, the idea of him striding through battle unconcerned with the death and carnage that surrounds him, totally focused on his goal.

The Keepers of the flame do not favour ornamentation and as such, I chose to use a fairly small earthy pallet. I am particularly pleased with the robes. They are painting using Charadon Granite as a base coat. This is then mixed gradually with increasing parts of Kommando Khaki. This gives a really plain looking robe, as if it has simply never been dyed. It looks almost like a simply hessian material, which is exactly what the chapter would wear.

I am also pleased with the blue. This was an unusual one for me, as the chapters main armour colour is orange. I decided I wanted the blue of the Librarium to be a bit different to say the blue of the ultramarines or eagle warriors. I wanted it to stand out in the crowd of blue marines. For this reason, I decided I would highlight it to white. This is by far my favourite way to paint blue armour. The painting steps are given below along with a few more pictures.
Base Coat: Mordian Blue
Stage One: Mordian Blue + Ultramarine Blue 2:1
Stage Two: Mordian Blue + Ultramarine Blue 1:1
Stage Three: Mordian Blue + Ultramarine Blue 1:2
Stage Four: Ultramarine Blue
Stage Five: Ultramarine Blue + Enchanted Blue 3:1
Stage Six: Ultramarine Blue + Enchanted Blue 2:1
Stage Seven: Ultramarine Blue + Enchanted Blue 1:1
Stage Eight: 'Stage Seven' + Skull White 4:1
Stage Nine: 'Stage Eight' + Skull White 3:1
Stage Ten: 'Stage Nine' + Skull White 2:1
Stage Eleven: 'Stage Ten' + Skull White 1:1
Stage Twelve: 'Stage Eleven' + Skull White 0.5:1
Stage Thirteen: Skull White
Stage Fourteen: Asuremen Blue Wash
Stage Fifteen: Repeat steps Seven to Thirteen

 Anyway, that’s about all for now. Please comment on what you think any improvements you would suggest? Hopefully i will have some new exciting stuff to put up soon.


(The Longbeard)