Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lady Justice and Perdita: Malifaux Commission

The world of Malifaux is under constant threat. Foul Neverborn lurk in the shadows while crazed resurectionists raise the dead to wreak havoc on the streets. It falls to The Guild to defend Malifaux from these threats and it does so with a single minded fury unlike anything you can imagine.

This commission was for 2 Guild Malifaux gangs, Lady Justice's Death Marshals and The Ortiga family.

Disclaimer: I know the photography isn't perfect this time, they were quite a rush job as the client wanted to get his models asap so he could start playing. (Can't exactly blame him!)

So, here they are in groups, no cool background for Lady Justice due to technical problems.
Lady Justice, The Judge and 3 Death Marshals
The Ortiga Family
These are all awesome models, which seems to be the norm for Wyrd, but this post will focus on the Ortiga family boxed set as I have covered my own LJ in an earlier post.
Perdita Ortiga

Perdita quick-draws her Peacebringer to put down any offending Neverborn monstrosities. With her family, Perdita ensures the safety of the citizens of Malifaux from the denizens from the swamps.
I stayed with the standard Ortiga pallet of brown leathers and heavily tanned skins for Perdita with one major exception. Her top is the one part of the model that really stands out.
Francisco Ortiga
Perdita's second-in-command, Francisco ensures that none of the hideous Neverborn get close to his family. The point of his Dueling Saber has drank deeply from the lifeblood of those who would get in Perdita's way. The stand ut points of this guy were his shirt, quite an odd colour to try and get looking good on such a dark model, and the jeans. Denim is not something i have ever painted before so this has a bit of a stuck it and see moment. Feedback would be apriciated!
Santiago Ortiga
The impetuous and hot-headed Santiago wields two Peacebringers to unleash a torrent of lead at the Neverborn scum. Stay away from him or you too will be caught in his Leadstorm! As you can see, I tried something quite different with this guy's jeans but I think it worked out rather well. Once again, any feedback would be great.
Papa Loco
Papa Loco is a very dangerous individual; approach him only if you must! His wanton disregard for his own well-being and his penchant for using dynamite makes him a very explosive individual. Even his own family keeps its distance when he's running amuck on the battlefield. This guy was a bit odd, I'm not 100% happy with it, but I wasn't really sure what to do with it. So, urm, yeah...
Nino Ortega, youngest of the Neverborn Hunters in the Ortega Clan, has adopted the Repeating Rifle as his tool of destruction. Setting his sights on the leaders of the opposing crews, he has ended many an Encounter with the fateful words, "Boom! Headshot!". This guy is, in my humble opinion, AWESOME! The pose, the jeans, the hat, the big ass gun and THE SOCKS!

So, there we have it, another commission down, 4 more on the go, 1 finishing this weekend so another post is coming very very soon. Until then... "BOOM! HEADSHOT!"

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Lost Child of Ulthwe, Eldrard Ulthran

Greetings, in the words of Ja Ja Binks, "Me'sa back!"

After just over a month I have finally found time to finished off some commission work and post it on here. Today it's the lost child of Ulthwe, Eldrard Ulthran.

Greatest among the seers of the Eldar, Eldrad lead his people through the turmoil of the Great Heresy, even attempting to warn the mon-keigh of their Warmaster's intentions. He lead the Craftworld of Ulthwe through the maelstrom and even into the eye of terror itself. His final act, was the prevention of the destruction of Cadia during the 13th black crusade. From deep within the crystal dome of Ulthwe, surrounded by his long crystallised peers, Eldrad did battle with the machine spirit of Abadon's corrupted blackstone fortress.

Ultimately, Eldrad was successful, but at a high cost. In order to subdue the daemonic spirit of the craft, Eldrad cut all ties to his body and fused himself into the psychometric circitry of the fortress, entering an eternal battle between his own spirit and that of the daemon.

There are those on Ulthwe and beyond, that one day, far from now, the great seer, Eldrad Ulthran, will finaly end the eternal struggle, smiting the daemon and returning to the craftworld to lead the Eldar once again. The signs of this revival can be seen by all who walk the meandering paths of the crystal dome. The emence ghost helm of the seer can still be seen within the crystal tree, it's spirit stones blazing with psychic fury.

As you can see, the client didn't want Eldrad painted in his usual Ulthwe Colours and decided instead for the colours of Yme-Loc. (This is actually the alternative colour scheme to the standard red and grey. Thought the Eldrad model does play to the strengths of the Ulthwe scheme, I think this suits it just as well.

I have to say, I really did enjoy this, having an Eldar army of my own, it's really got me excited about going back and painting up some of the bit I missed out when rushing my army a few years back. (This may develop into some posts some time soon, keep those eyes peeled).

When painting this model, I really had to think about which areas to would go with each other, there are 2 separate sets of robes here and, thought they are usual both black, I didn't want to go with one shade of constant grey. This is why the inner robes are based on Shadow Grey and the outer robe is based upon a Codex Grey and Chaos Black mix.

As I said before, I have an Eldar army of my own so, when it came to painting the bone, I had a pretty firm idea of what I wanted to achieve and how to do it. I used a basecoat of Grave Yard Earth and slowly blended up to Bone White. I then applied a few scarce highlights with a thin Bone White and Dead White mix.

The orange, often mistaken as a tricky colour, was probably the simplest part of the whole model. Those who know me will know I actual have a Space Marine army painted up in bright orange and as such have picked up a few tricks and cheats from various people.

On This occasion, I opted for a pastel orange, not wanting to over power the grey tones in the rest of the miniature. Starting from a basecoat of Mecharius Solar Orange, I applied 2 Sepia washes before re-aplying the Solar Orange. I then added successive highlights of a Solar Orange and White
 mix (adding more white with each highlight).

So, there we have it, another commission down, 2 more to finish in the next week so more posts very very soon. As always, keep an eye on the blog for any updates and remember to sign up to my email feed.

Until next time,

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