Saturday, 30 April 2011

Something Smelly This Way Comes: Nurgle Beast Lord

Greetings and welcome back to Karak-Paint Pot. I hope you all enjoyed the extra day off on Friday, and hope that not too many of you were forced to endure five and a half hours of the most boring television ever aired (I most certainly was). However, with that out of the way I managed to get a Nurgle Beast Lord done and start some orkyness as well.

The Beast Lord is an awesome model and really doesn't show its age. I've had the model kicking about for years and just never did anything with it. However, a good old clear out has prompted me to paint up some minis and flog them on ebay.

So, without any more idle chat, I give you Nurgles Chosen Champion.

Nurgle Beast Lord
 As I am selling this guy I didn't want to do anything to army specific and so stuff to a neutral pallet. I also chose to keep the skin fairly human looking, though I did add several mixes of grey into the flesh tones to add that slightly dead nurgleth look as well as several green and purple washes.

Nurgle Beast Lord
 For the fur I opted for something quite complicated, working from orkhide shade right up to rotting flesh in layers of wetbrushing and drybrushing. I also threw in a few green, purple, yellow and blue washes for good measure. This gave a really dead and lank quality to the fur that I feel suits a champion of Grandfather Nurgle.

Nurgle Beast Lord
The leather armour is heavily discoloured with washes, inks and stippling. It began life as dark flesh, blended up to dwarf flesh + rotting flesh 50/50. I then gave it a few sepia washes, followed by devlan mud, thrakka green, purple, watered down scorched brown and more green! After a while this gave the leather to horrid rotten look you see before you.

Nurgle Beast Lord
Finally, the base was simply painted Catchan Green then drybrushed Graveyard Earth and then Rotting Flesh. Plus the simple addition of some scorched grass basing gave the model a really suitable finish.

This model is available for sale on ebay as of tonight! Auction starts at just 99p, grab it before it's gone!

Click HERE to go to the ebay auction now.

So, there's my nurgle beast lord done and out the way, a fun project it somewhat tiresome, soooo many washes! I can honestly say I wouldn't do a whole army myself though I think I will paint the odd chaos bit using this colour scheme in the future.

Now for something different.

Alongside my beast lord I have started painting the ork army I bought on their release day, yeah I know that was over two years ago, I guess I dropped the ball there. I love painting orks, everything about them screams comic book alien and so I do my best to help them live up to that persona.

Tank Hammers, possibly the greatest ork invention ever!
Now, this is very much a work in progress. The skin has to be taken right up to rotting flesh and the leathers need touching up, plus the metals need highlighting. Oh and the base needs doing, and the eyes, teeth and... so yeah a bit more to do yet.

I thin these will be another paint and sell. I love painting orcs but prefer to play using armies that do something that at least vaguely resembles what you tell them to!

That's about it for this post. As always comments are welcome!

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Friday, 22 April 2011

The Market Hall

Greetings from the Longbeard, happy Easter to all and to all many chocolate eggs. We dwarfs love Easter, as this model clearly shows!

Anyway, back to the point. Here at Karak-Paint Pot it's time for a clear out of many hobby items and so, I have found the market hall. You will find a tab for the market hall on the top navigation bar.

On the page you will find listings for items that are currently for sale, their prices and links to ebay when the item is listed there. However, that's not all! If you have any hobby related items you wish to sell, then please feel welcome to email me the details and I will be happy to put up an add for you totally FREE OF CHARGE!

PLUS, if there is anything you are looking to get hold of, email me a wanted add and I'll put those up as well on the same FREE OF CHARGE basis!

To get the ball rolling I've put up the first few listings including 1 of just 4000 limited edition warhammer rulebooks from the previous edition! (The one with the canvas cover!)

So, if you want to have a clear out or just make some spare cash selling your odd bits, then pop over to the market hall and email me your add today! (If you are also posting on ebay, pleas send me the url of the auction.)

That's about it for now, painted models will follow soon as I have fallen into a bit of an orky frenzy!