Sunday, 13 November 2011

By the Blood Of Sanguinius! A Blood Angel Commission

Just a quick post today, first of all, I’m back up and online, just about. The laptop is sort of ok after a bit of technical tlc (every component inside has been swapped out except the hdd and the screen), the screen however is a little erm, speckled!
This commission was actually finished a while back but I never got round to posting it, then the apple juice incident happened and so there has been quite a delay. But, here they are, a full squad of Blood Angel terminators.
group 1
As you can see, these are the older, metal miniatures as apposed to the newer plastic ones. They were a mixed bunch, some being the more recent metal incarnations of Tactical Dreadnought armour and some being from the original rogue trader unites.
For this reason, I’ve tried to combine both the new and old paint schemes within the unit, the slightly brighter red and bright yellow flamer barrels are a bit of a blast from the past while the dulled metals and black helms and detailing were brought in in during the newest codex.
group 2
I must admit that I really enjoyed this job, red is one of those colours that is just so satisfying to paint, especially on large flat armour plates like these. It has in fact inspired me to try and find something to paint like this, though this may have to wait due to a whole string of half finished projects that I plan to go back to first.
I am hoping to post some more things within the next 5 or 6 days so keep your eyes peeled!