Friday, 22 April 2011

The Market Hall

Greetings from the Longbeard, happy Easter to all and to all many chocolate eggs. We dwarfs love Easter, as this model clearly shows!

Anyway, back to the point. Here at Karak-Paint Pot it's time for a clear out of many hobby items and so, I have found the market hall. You will find a tab for the market hall on the top navigation bar.

On the page you will find listings for items that are currently for sale, their prices and links to ebay when the item is listed there. However, that's not all! If you have any hobby related items you wish to sell, then please feel welcome to email me the details and I will be happy to put up an add for you totally FREE OF CHARGE!

PLUS, if there is anything you are looking to get hold of, email me a wanted add and I'll put those up as well on the same FREE OF CHARGE basis!

To get the ball rolling I've put up the first few listings including 1 of just 4000 limited edition warhammer rulebooks from the previous edition! (The one with the canvas cover!)

So, if you want to have a clear out or just make some spare cash selling your odd bits, then pop over to the market hall and email me your add today! (If you are also posting on ebay, pleas send me the url of the auction.)

That's about it for now, painted models will follow soon as I have fallen into a bit of an orky frenzy!