Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Great Voucher Give Away

Greetings and welcome to Karak-Paint Pot. Today marks the beginning of a one month campaign to give away as many Karak-Paint Pot commission painting vouchers as possible!

With commissions picking up considerably over the last few weeks, I have decided it's time to get some marketing up and running. So, throughout March, anyone, and I mean anyone, can email me here @: thelongbeard2010@gmail.com and receive a random commission painting voucher.

The vouchers range from 10% to a whopping 50%! Before anyone says we're just giving away the small ones, the first 10 vouchers will all be for 50%! So, email us today and claim your totally free voucher!

 Please note, any one email address can only claim 2 vouchers. However bidding on any of our ebay items allows you to claim an extra voucher. All vouchers are valid for one use only and are valid until January 2012.

The Voucher Count