Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Wanderer Returns

Hello, firstly let me thank you for sticking with me during that rather long period of silence. The combined pressures of a new job and preparing for a wedding have meant very little time spent of hobby but I can finally get back to it now.

So, what have I been working on?

Several commission pieces now completed and sent o to customers (to those of you still awaiting the arrival of your miniatures, they should be with you in the next few days).

1500 points of Grey Knights. This is my personal project of the moment, I got the grey knights bug years ago with the original grey knights trilogy but always pushed it to one side, mostly due to the models being quite static and not really living p to the grey knight image set by the books.

The new grey knights book (The Emperor's Gift) combined with the new models left me with very little choice than to get myself an army. The one saving grace being, grey knights are very, very expensive in terms of points, so the whole army only cost about £200! (Plus all the conversion bits from the good old bits box(es)).

The first miniatures will be appearing on the blog over the next few days including, A fully converted Grand Master armed with nemesis falchions, a squad of terminators and a nemesis dreadknight.