Sunday, 10 July 2011

High Elf Commission Part One: The Sons of Caledor

Greetings friends, I have returned after really quite a considerable break with many glad tidings. Firstly, I have moved location, again, back to Swindon this time (anyone up for a game some time soon?), second, I have started a new job in the wonderful and exciting world of IT database management and web design and thirdly, I've been painting, ELVES!

This post marks to completion of part one of a  part high elf commission I started some time ago but has been plagued by delays, not enough paint, paints going out of stock, moving house, me loosing and then regaining my eye sight, generally a whole lot of delays. But now they are finished, the sons of Caledor.
(I freely confess these pictures are not up to standard, low lights and no light tent out yet these should be re-appearing in time for my next commission)

The client simply wanted the models in standard high elf livery, (blue and white) I personally dislike the scheme on elves but it can be made to look good with a bit of work. I quickly decided for example, that if robes were going to be white, then the horses should be a light grey rather than white as well. Sounds a small change, but it makes a massive difference in terms of balance and contrast.

I opted to use Vallejo games colour for these models as the highly pigmented colours really help give the rather dull scheme some lift. This threw up the shiny shiny problem, but that was quickly sorted with a coat of Testors Dullcote. (Now available in an EU legal formula, which always helps!)

The blue simply works up from Stormy Blue, through Magic Blue and finally highlighted with Electric Blue.

The metal was just Gun Metal, worked up through Chainmail and Mithril, washed with Stormy Blue and then drybrushed Mithril.

For the white i decided to use a GW pot, Graveyard Earth as a base coat. I then gradually blended up to Dead White. I used this for any white cloth or robe. The white of the lances was the usual, Dark Grey, Ghostly Grey and then White Primer.

That's about it for part one, more to follow over the next few days.