Wednesday, 13 July 2011

High Elf Commission Part Two: "Rally to me brothers!" BSB

At the centre of any army stands the battle standard bearer, boldly leading the men onwards hold aloft the glorious banner under which the army marches. These men inspire the greatest feats of heroism in their followers and also act as a rally point for a glorious final stand. Not to mention they look awesome while doing these things!

This banner bearer is one of the standard high elf commander boxed set models, nothing too special, but a pretty nice model none the less.

Note: The photography is better, but still not quite right, I think I may need some new lights.

I stuck with the same basic pallet as I used for the Dragon Princes in part one. I did however increase the amount of white and decrease the amount of blue. I felt it just gave the model a little more gravitas.

The white as with before is simply Graveyard Earth blended up to White.

The banner itself contained a strong oriental theme and I chose to play up to this, using the rising sun banner as inspiration. The black pyramid of course represents the shadow of the dark kindred while the Phoenix is the symbol of the great Phoenix King of Caledor, rising from the ashes of the great betrayal victorious.

Though this picture doesn't quite capture it, I am very pleased with the blending on the cloak, as well as the rear of the banner. It's rare I get the chance to paint large areas of white so this was quite a test.

More to follow in a few days as the final part of the commission is unveiled.