Monday, 22 November 2010

On the Hobby Desk, A Night Off?

Hey, just a quick update today. Before I start, I know I said 1 Malifaux model a day, but the next day I started a new job, nights, which basically sapped me of any energy I would have directed at hobby. However, a night off has meant a sudden flurry of activity. The activity hasn't been very directed as you will see, but it’s something.

First of all, I was tired of having the awesome Leogante model by Andrea Miniatures sitting around without a base. So I decided I would find a base for it. This sounds simple I know, but trust me, a 54mm angel model if wings spread wide isn't exactly a well balanced model. I tried everything from 15mm to 60mm and no base I had would balance it out.

However, as luck would have it, my better half  and I went out to buy Pringles. Before anyone asks, yes the Pringles did help this is not a pointless ramble. I was just about to throw away the empty tube when I saw the metal base at the bottom. Inspiration struck and I quickly found myself sawing the bottom off the tube and grabbing some epoxy putty. Turns out the metal base of the Pringles tube makes an excellent base for unbalance 54mm models. Who knew!

Anyway, here are a few pictures, as you'll see the model is stunning and my next project after the Malifaux gang.

As I said, perfect! The model leans really far back and so need a massive base, which would cost the best part of £10 from a wargames supplier. However, this cost £1.99 for 3 metal bases and 3 plastic ones plus some useful tubes and yummy crispy snacks as a bonus. (Only at Morrisions buy one get two free!)

Second, I made a start on Captain Agemann. I've been planning a First Company Ultramarines army for a while. I commissioned this piece from an online sculptor/converter and think its a stunning piece. I've only made a rough start and he doesn't have a weapon right now as i can't decide what to use. I want a sword but can't decide what to have.

Option One; Classic Ultramarines gladius.
Option Two; A knight style longsword.
Option Three; Something totally different.

(I'll post a poll on this later.)

This picture really doesn't do the model justice. I'll get some more up when its done, but i have to say, some of the fine details on the armour are just stunning. The shoulder guards are covered by the wings of the Imperial Aquila, a large robe whips out behind him and the armour is just so perfectly ornate.

Please help finish this amazing model by voting on the weapon choice.

So, that’s about it, don't know what will be next what with work, but there should be something up soon.

As always, any comments or suggestions would be welcome.