Friday, 7 January 2011

The Longbeard Returns Death Marshal

Congratulation on making through the long dark of Christmas and welcome a brand new sparkling year (he says watching he rain poor down outside the window). So Christmas has come and gone and we find ourselves in 2011. It's been a while since I posted, mainly due to Christmas (damn you fat man in a red suit and your expensive gift giving holiday).

Anyway, I finally finished the first Death Marshal for my Malifaux gang!

The Death Marshal

As you can see, the majority of the model is made up of his long leather coat and hat. I decided for this reason to really go tot own on it rather than just a quick leather wash job. I started with Dark Flesh Tone (VGC) then slowly blended up to Tan (VGC) and finally worked up to Dwarf Skin (VGC) before washing the coat and hat with Devlan Mud twice. This gives a really realistic leather effect and also makes the coat look older with creases and rips.

The next largest part of the model was the coffin. This in many was was easy, wooden planks, a chain and a padlock. However, I decided to again not just chuck some brown on and wash it. Instead I working through Burned Brown (VGC) up to Parasite Brown (VGC) and washed with Badab Black. The chains were painted Silver (VGC) along with the padlock and were also washed with Badab Black.

The last main feature, was the face. I wanted to make the Marshals very pale and also devoid of life. (They spend all there time combating necromancy using necromancy as a weapon against itself, its going to leave a mark). I started with Tan (VGC) and worked up through Dwarf Skin (VGC) and Light Skin Tone (VGC). I then worked up from Light Skin Tone (VGC) up to white before washing the skin with Sepia (VGC). I hen added some pure white highlights.

I opted for a very dark selection of browns and blacks across this model, accenting with the pale skin and grey hair. I feel this suits the model's dark job and means by which it works.

With that, I leave you with  few last pictures of the model. Also, sorry about the photography, the light was really terrible and my new camera really struggled to focus in it. I shall get the light tent back out for next time.