Friday, 7 January 2011

Adeptus Custodes!

I know, two posts in one day? Amazing what a day off can do.

Now I've dreamed like many, of doing a custode army but never really got round to it due to the huge amount of conversion work required. Then however, I found a sale of 10 custodes online cast in white metal from the states. This was perfect to get me going.

I have only built two of them so far, but more will be following along with conversions for the rest of the army. These will form my Envoy squads 2 custodes in each, giving me 5 squads. (There will actualy be 3 in each squad but the 3rd will be armed with a gladius and storm shield and so will be converted later on for each squad).

So, here they are, the first 2 of my new custode army in all there glory.
 Both models are stunningly detailed, although putting them together was hell (the arm come in 3 parts, plus the hands attached to the weapon and the shoulder pads!)
They may be a fiddle, but they look awesome and have really inspired me to get on and do the army. As soon as possible I will be ordering some of these. (,shop.php?art=1029#i/conversion_parts/big/sf_roman_legionary_set_01.jpg) They will form my squad leaders for the envoy squads. There however, (,shop.php?art=933) will form my cataphract squads.

So, a new year, a new army and a massive amount to do, hopefully a new post will be up soon.

So long.