Saturday, 22 January 2011

TheUltimate Hobby Guide Worldwide Project!

Hello, second blog of today, and massively important!

I am starting up a worldwide hobby project! I want anyone who is willing to send me painting, sculpting or any hobby based tutorials to be formed into The Ultimate Hobby Guide! The Tome will be made available for download to all across the Internet, and maybe, if it works out, will be made available in a real bound book edition for those who want to pay for it!

So, what can you do to get involved?

  • First, have an idea. It can be a painting tutorial, a new way of sculpting, a simple tutorial on construction or literally anything hobby based.

  • Second, write the tutorial in a word document. You should include pictures if you can. the tutorial should be easy to follow and should provide a step by step guide if possible. The technique doesn't need to be simple, it can be as complex as you like.

  • Third, email your tutorial to me at . Also include contact details for yourself, a name the tutorial can be accredited to and if you want it linked to a website, your blog or another you can add that too.

That's it! Once you have sent it i will give it a look, and add it in to the guide. (No tutorial will be turned away, unless it is really un-usable!)

The Final Product

Once of a good size, Version One of the Ultimate Hobby Guide will be published online. I will also try and make it available in hardback form for those who want a real copy of the first addition book.

The reasons for this are simple.
  1. To strengthen the hobby community between blogs.
  2. To create a valuable resource for hobbyists everywhere

I have set up a new page on which I will list every tutorial I receive and who I get it from. I will also post updates on the overall project on the page.

So, I hope to hear from you all very soon with tutorials. There is not limit to the number any one person can submit and the more you submit, the more accreditation's you will receive in the final book! (Could be a great way of increasing your blog traffic).

Please feel free to discuss the project within the comments system.