Saturday, 22 January 2011

Caution: Threat of Viking Invasion

"Full they were of fighters and flashing shield-boards, western war-lances and wound-blades Frankish; cried then the bersarks, carnage they had thoughts of, wailed then the wolf-coated and weapons brandished." HaraldskvaeĆ°i
For a while now I've wanted to work on some more historical miniatures and seeing some on the new perry miniatures really inspired me to get on with it. Under my desk I found 2 boxes of Wargames Foundry vikings 1 box of Hirdmen and 1 box of Bondi.

So, as I had some time on my hands, out they came. The models are mostly one or two part miniatures and are supplied with standard MDF laser cut bases. This i think is a major reason why their models are so cheap. They however, of a great standard, easily as good as anything made by other miniature companies.

Viking Hirdman

I had a look online for painting guides and was shocked to find the standard of painting guide so low. The only things I found look terrible, using sky blue for clothes and bright yellow for hair. So, I decided the best plan was to collect some images from the Internet of history shows and work from those.

I quickly realised that as i had so many of these to paint the scheme would need to be quick, easy and yet authentic. I decided to go for an earthy pallet of browns and muted colours. Below are the first few test models to roll of the work line.

I am pleased with these as bulk troops. When finished they will stand in units of 45 and so I'm not going to spend long periods of time highlighting etc.

The keys stages are:
  • Dry brushed armour and weapons
  • Leather - Dark Flesh and Devlan Mud wash
  • Skin - Tallarn Flesh and Devlan Mud wash
  • Wood - Bestial Brown and Devlan Mud wash
Keeping these simple allows me to batch paint them in between painting other projects. This project will take a side line now to my Custodes, but will receive a few posts every now and then when something new gets started or finished.

Before i go, my new guest post at goes live tomorrow, check it out with the link below.
I will be posted every 2 weeks as part of a space marine project I am starting. For more details, check it out tomorrow. I will post a blog here on this tomorrow.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.