Sunday, 23 January 2011

Guest Blog Goes Live!

Today marks an exciting moment for the Longbeard. The first post in a series of guest blogs goes live at Warhammer39999. The blog will be posted every 2 weeks and will detail my new space marine project.

The project sees the return of the Keepers of the Flame chapter. The first post is quite info heavy, with a painting guide and project goals. But give it a look and follow the series. Any comments on the army would be great.

This is not a total change! I will still be posting here with things like the custodes project, the vikings and many other things. So don't worry, I'm not killing this off at all.

To wet your apatite a bit, here is the first of the chapter to be finished bar his base.

I know, very orange right. Any way, I hope you all follow and enjoy the series maybe it might even inspire people to start some new 40K armies.

So, go over to the blog and see what you think!